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EDFI MC opens a tendering process for a Technical Assistance Consultancy Cooperation Agreement

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Brussels, 9 November 2023 – EDFI Management Company (EDFI MC) announced today the commencement of the tendering process for a non-exclusive consultancy cooperation agreement with a specialised technical assistance provider. This agreement will enable EDFI MC to engage a trusted partner for a timely and efficient delivery of technical assistance, destined primarily to the current and future investee companies of its agriculture fund – AgriFI ().

The technical assistance services will encompass a broad spectrum of pre- and post-investment support. The overarching objective is to enhance the financial, environmental, and social performance of EDFI MC investee companies and their value chains. EDFI MC anticipates that the primary recipients of its technical assistance services will be early-stage and small companies active in the agricultural field, with solid operational track record but in need of financial and operational support to achieve sustainable growth.

Rodrigo Madrazo, CEO of EDFI Management Company stated “Through EDFI MC technical assistance, our investees will be able to further count on our financial and operational support to strengthen their organisations and local capacity building. With the help of specialised technical assistance providers, we will strengthen performance of investees and prospective investees in their impact mission. We are looking for experts who will help us in this activity.”

As a dedicated investment facility within EDFI MC, AgriFI plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable development objectives. With a mission to provide medium to long-term financing to private sector enterprises operating in the agri-food value chain and agri-forestry in developing countries, AgriFI is a EUR 120 million impact investment facility funded by the European Union. AgriFI focuses on empowering smallholder farmers and extends equity and debt financing to impact funds, financial institutions facilitating enhanced access to finance for smallholder farmers, as well as high-potential small and medium enterprises (SMEs) committed to inclusive growth.

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The Agriculture Financing Initiative – AgriFI, managed by EDFI Management Company, is an impact investment facility funded by the European Union. AgriFI has the mandate to provide medium- to long-term financing for private sector enterprises active in the agri-food value chain, helping to consolidate agriculture production to achieve economies of scale and a stronger presence in markets, bringing increased food security. 

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EDFI Management Company 

EDFI Management Company (EDFI MC) is a multilaterally owned impact asset manager which delivers innovative development finance solutions that enable European DFIs, development banks and private sector investors to increase the scale and impact of their work. The company focuses on business models, technologies and geographies where other investors have not been able to operate at the desired scale given their resources and investment criteria.  

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