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Good Nature Agro

Business model
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Good Nature Agro (GNA) is a Zambian social enterprise working with smallholders to move them out of poverty. The firm works with ~30,000 smallholders to produce seeds (to be replanted and not directly consumed) and commodity (to be eaten or processed) for 4 different legumes: groundnut, cowpea, soybean, beans, (all varieties are open pollinated). Its focus on legumes creates long-term positive change for soils and increases access to more nutritious food, and smallholders benefit from guaranteed sales contract, training, inputs package, financing and access to markets.

Funding objective

EDFI AgriFI will invest a total of USD 3 million. The financing will allow GNA to build a new factory focused on legumes commodity in Lusaka and to increase its production and R&D capacity for seeds in its historical headquarters of Chipata in Eastern Zambia.

Investment rationale

  • Positive impact on soil fertility and on crop rotation: legumes increase fertility by bringing nitrogen to the soil and are resilient against climate change;
  • Impact on food security: legumes are rich in protein, nutrients and vitamins;
  • Local value chain with more than 30,000 smallholders impacted and creation of jobs.

More about Good Nature Agro:

Final Disclosure

Key indicators

Financial instrument
Senior loan
USD 3 million
July 2023

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